Taliban: It’s “Vital” to Lift the Restriction on Working Women

Many organizations have stopped providing aid to Afghanistan due to the Taliban's decision to forbid women from working with NGOs.

Major international NGOs withdrew from the country in reaction to the restrictions. The United Nations in Afghanistan has asked the Taliban leadership to lift its prohibition on women working in NGOs. Taliban: It’s “Vital” to Lift the Restriction on Working Women

On Monday, the UN Help Mission in Afghanistan stated that “Millions of Afghans need humanitarian assistance, and restrictions must be removed.” According to the statement, Ramiz Alakbarov and his coordinator met with Mohammad Hanif, the economics minister.

On Saturday, Hanif’s ministry instructed all national and international NGOs to suspend the hiring of women until further notice. Although the UN is not directly affected by the directives, many of its initiatives are carried out by NGOs.

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Save the Children, CARE International, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, three international NGOs, announced in a joint statement on Sunday that they were freezing their programs. At the same time, they sought an explanation for the administration’s directive.

According to the statement, “We cannot adequately contact women, children, or men in Afghanistan who are in dire need without our female workers.” “They would not have visited millions of Afghans since August if it weren’t for the women spearheading the campaign.”

Taliban: It’s “Vital” to Lift the Restriction on Working Women

In a separate announcement, IRC announced that it was discontinuing its national operations for the same reasons. According to IRC, it employs around 8K people in Afghanistan, with nearly 3,000 of them being women.

According to relief organizations, more than half of the inhabitants of the mountainous country depend on humanitarian aid and the termination of some aid programs that thousands of Afghans access occurs during the coldest period of the year.

AfghanAid, a global relief organization, had already said that it would cease activities immediately while consulting with other organizations and that other Non-Government Organizations were adopting similar measures.

The Red Cross in Afghanistan expressed alarm about the decision and a previous ban on women attending universities on Sunday, stating that there would be “catastrophic humanitarian effects in short to long term” if it were to go into effect.

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However, the Taliban government hasn’t yet indicated that it will lift the restrictions on women enrolling in institutions or working at NGOs.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Economy, which grants licenses to NGOs, stated that it had obtained “serious complaints” that women working for NGOs were not adhering to “the Islamic hijab referring to the work of females in international and national organizations.”

Many of the hundreds of organizations operating in Afghanistan’s remote regions are women, and several have warned that prohibiting hiring women will hinder their ability to do their jobs.

Less than a week ago, the Taliban authorities forbade women from enrolling in institutions, sparking indignation worldwide and demonstrations in certain Afghan cities.

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The Taliban have prohibited young girls from attending secondary school since taking back control in August of last year.

In addition, many government employment for women have been eliminated, they are not allowed to travel alone without a male relative, and they are required to wear a burqa outside the house to cover up.

Additionally, they are not permitted in parks or gardens.

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