Trending Article Topics List. Data-driven subjects are now trending on the internet.

I found ten hot article subjects trending using two technologies, Exploding Topics and AhRefs.

How does it affect you? It implies that you may create articles on these subjects to increase traffic and revenue. You may spin off hundreds of articles from famous “parent” subjects.

I’ll walk you through each stage of how I discovered them.

Although there is no assurance that you will earn a million dollars, all of these issues got supported by the instruments I utilized by the most impressive available statistics.

How I Discovered the Top Ten Article Subjects

Trending Article Topics List

A free website that monitors popular topics is called Exploding Topics. A paid keyword search tool is AhRefs. AhRefs is pricey, like $90 each month pricey.

You may learn about the competitors and get an idea of search volume.

Using these tools, I have

Obtain a spot on the top page of Google search results for an article about SNL.

I write semi-viral articles that bring me hundreds of dollars each month.

As a result, the tools are adequate for me.

I utilized the tools to select ten themes for this post with 1.8 million monthly views.

10 Popular Parenting Topics

I went to to locate the top 10 “parent” trending topics. Then I ran a filter to look for recent growth that has been favorable. In contrast with the rise in the volume of monthly searches.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • Substack: 3100% increase and 9.9K monthly searches
  • Core Web Vitals: 2300% increase and 2.6K monthly searches
  • Nexo Card: 99X+growth and 150 monthly searches
  • Living Wall: 51% increase and 9.9K monthly searches
  • Evoretro – 5900% increase with unidentified monthly searches
  • Sleep Gummies: 44% rise and 14.8K monthly searches
  • 110K monthly searches for prime gaming represent a 1000% surge.
  • Onlyfans – 455% increase and 1.83M monthly searches
  • Massage gun: 120% rise and 201K monthly searches
  • Gaslighting: 36% rise and 673K monthly searches

Remember that the tools only estimate “searches per month.” Actual searches are often quite different and frequently far more expensive.

I refer to them as “parent” concerns. You may write about them precisely as they are, but you need more than hot subjects to blow up your analytics truly. One needs hot issues with little to no rivalry.

You may dominate the subject in this way, attract visitors, and earn money.

100 Subjects That Could Generate Massive Traffic

Please also read the fascinating articles.

100 Subjects That Could Generate Massive Traffic

I used Ahrefs to look for low-competition variations of popular themes. As soon as I entered all ten subjects into the “keyword explorer” tool and clicked “search,” Ahrefs returned hundreds of potential ideas about the “parent” topics.

I then filtered the search results to show only those with little competition. You can rank these “subtopics” more efficiently since they have low competition ratings. The simpler it is to rate, the lower the score.

These good themes all have competition scores of 10 or less. The majority are at zero.

Ten popular article subjects that might increase visitors to your website or job are listed below:

  • Competitors in the stack competition received a score of 0
  • How to raise core webs vitals while the rival has a score of 0
  • How to acquire a Nexo Crypto Loan Card with a score of 0 in the competition
  • The artificial living wall earned a score of 0 in the competition.
  • Evoretro received a zero in the competition.
  • Kids’ sleep gummies made a three in the competition.
  • Twitch Prime gaming loot: a score of 0 in the competition
  • A competition score of 0 for Onlyfans hack
  • Three points in the match for the Amazon massager
  • Gaslighting parents earns an eight in the competition

In conclusion, these 10 article subjects have little competition and a good chance of receiving plenty of monthly search traffic. Additionally, the themes are trending much higher based on the currently available data.

Of course, there are no assurances. Use these subjects to generate a tonne of traffic and profit for your posts.

How to dominate the opposition

You have more than enough information to create traffic-generating articles now that you know the ten hot “parent” themes and the ten low-competition subtopics.

You may, however, make a few more moves to dominate your rivals. Anyone else who writes about the same subject or subtopic is your rival.

To dominate the competition, remember these easy tips:

  • Write articles that are lengthier than theirs. Longer articles, according to studies, rank better on Google. Aim for articles of at least 2,000 good words.
  • Use the subject, such as “Onlyfans hack,” in your article title, the ALT text on your photographs, and a few other places in the content. To help Google rank your post, use fundamental SEO techniques.
  • Compare to other articles’ examples, templates, and tables.
  • More inquiries concerning the subject should get addressed to the reader.
  • Use educational films and graphics to offer value.
  • Shorter paragraphs, more “white space,” and logical breaks like subheadings are good ways to format an article. A better piece is simpler to read.

Final Reflections

I had yet to learn what I would discover when I initially began looking into the themes for this essay. The outcomes have pleasantly surprised me. Even better, I came upon a keyword phrase or subject that spoke to me. I put it aside to use as material for another story.

I’m delighted about the subjects I found, but I’m even more thrilled that one or more could inspire you to create the following post that goes viral and earns you a fortune.

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