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9 Best Coffee Shops in London

London has a lot to offer in terms of coffee shops. While the typical cup consumed in London may not reach the same heights as those consumed in Melbourne, Seattle, or any of the capitals of Scandinavia, the number of businesses thinking beyond the typical cup of coffee is constantly growing. The two best roasters support them in the city, Workshop and Square Mile, and establishments like Dark Arts in Hackney, Alchemy in Wimbledon, and Assembly in Brixton. These coffee shops, the top establishments in London, often look to European and American roasters for ideas and beans.

NB: In this specific guide, consistency and quality of coffee are given precedence above status and historic significance.

1. Origin Coffee

Since constructing a flagship shop on Charlotte Road in 2014, Origin has attempted to take over London by building locations in the British Library and the Southwark to demonstrate the success of niche products in the general public. The selection, made by twice U.K. coffee-tasting champion Freda Yuan, was all roasted in Cornwall and is possibly one of the most forward-thinking in the area. High-yield, consistent harvests with accessible flavour profiles are referred to as “session coffees” and get paired with monthly highlights often focused on a particular technique, varietal, or, ineluctably, provenance.

Phone: 020 7729 6252

2. Campbell & Syme

This coffee shop is one of the business’s most reliable coffee shops in London and a mainstay in East Finchley, serving two espressos and three filters from a large selection of single-origin coffees. Currently, a caramelized natural process coffee from Central America and another from the renowned Aricha region in Ethiopia, Sidamo, stand out.

Phone: 020 3489 4383

3. Batch Baby

In addition to being a fantastic coffee shop, Batch Baby has a vibe. Numerous aspects of it go against the fading trend of typical third-wave coffee, such as the orange-tinted cups, the lo-fi design of the Rose Lipman Building, and the frequent collaborations with creative chefs. The quality is perfect regarding the actual contents of the cup, with (as the name would imply) genuine care given to the batch brew and thorough by-the-cup filtration prepared using an Aeropress.

4. Kaffeine

Out of the best coffee shops in London, where can you get coffee now in Transitional Coffee? Kaffeine’s attractive location in West Hampstead has made significant steps. The first since opening and then since beginning to roast its coffee, a shift that other establishments have tried and failed. Additionally, it is willing to maintain the qualities that made it a successful beginning by bringing in intriguing, carefully brewed guest coffees from European and U.K. roasters doing fascinating stuff rather than relying on the more established players. It also makes oat milk-free options.

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5. Paradox Design

Coffee Paradox provides excellent quality coffee from Netil Market in London from Wednesday through Sunday. The rose latte dispels any remaining doubts about coffee’s immortality. A changing roster of roasters keeps things interesting with various vibrant filter coffees that often use cutting-edge processing techniques. In 2022, one of the greatest of the best.

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6. Prufrock Coffee

Since Square Mile, one of the city’s original and still-leading roasters, became its owner, Prufrock’s quality has declined. But the lengthy shadow it — and its graduates — cast on London’s speciality coffee scene now has a great future to match it. Thanks to a recently renovated store and a new focus on beverages, one of the city’s more established guards is given the respect it deserves. The return of some of Europe’s most intriguing roasters to retail shelves and the launch of a carefully constructed yet very satisfying affogato bring back some of the lively, somewhat chaotic spirits that made it London’s coffee shop of the 2010s.

Phone: 020 7242 0467

7. Grays Inn

Though it shouldn’t be the case, Road Spot is perhaps more known for its sandwiches, contemporary Greek fare, and coffee sriracha than it is for  Coffee. Drinks range from flat whites and pour-overs to flawless bittersweet shock, with the Greek coffees of a cappuccino freddo being a particular joy. Before all that buzz, the establishment has been roasting its beans since its inauguration.

Phone: 020 7242 8777

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8. Soho’s Koyo

The best breakfasts in London:

English breakfast udon at the Soho restaurant Koya is said to be building a new café in London at the Market Halls food court in Victoria, south London. London Breakfast Locations: The fried egg on the orange table at Morito Hackney is part of London’s most extraordinary brunch. The Best Brunch Places in London, Caffeine Even in light of its second location on Eastcastle Street, the influence of this Fitzrovia café not understandable. Another Square Mile institution, the guest espresso program, introduced international roasters to the heart of London and highlighted the rarity and distinctiveness of the coffees offered by starting exclusively on weekends. The program was initially short-lived (but has since fortunately been restored). It is that easy: extraordinary consistency and a desire to experiment.

Phone: 020 7580 6755

9. Rosslyn

This coffee shop serves as an example of London’s progress and potential future. Unofficial recommendations from several places on this list include fruitier espresso served straight and a more bottomless, chocolaty espresso served with milk. Rosslyn takes things further by choosing two distinctive coffees from Origin to seal the deal. It’s one of the most well-planned offers in the city, now spread over three cafés when paired with its range of rare and exceptional coffees, which are brewed by the cup from ice to keep them fresh.

Phone: 07732 077870

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