I. Best Drop-Off Point Near Windsor Castle

The closest drop-off point is right outside the castle on the High Street. This is a good option if you must drop someone off with mobility limitations or have much luggage. However, it’s important to note that this area is busy, and there may only sometimes be space to pull up.

A taxi drop-off point is close to the shopping centre entrance on Charles Street. This is a good option if you are okay with someone walking a short distance to get to the castle entrance. There is usually more space to pull up here than on the High Street.

Let’s begin the article by discussing the best drop-off points near Windsor Castle and why they are the best.

II. Top 5 Drop-Off Points for Windsor Castle

Finding the perfect spot to drop passengers near Windsor Castle depends on your priorities. Here’s a breakdown of 10 options, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

1. High Street Drop-Off (Closest Option)

High Street, Windsor, UK
High Street Drop-Off Near Windsor Castle

Location: This drop-off point is located directly on the High Street, right outside the main entrance (State Apartments) of Windsor Castle.

Traffic Flow: High Street is a busy one-way road with heavy traffic flow, especially during peak season and weekends. Finding a spot to pull up can be challenging, and congestion can make manoeuvring difficult.

Accessibility: Sidewalks are present with mostly level surfaces. However, due to the high traffic volume, navigating with wheelchairs or mobility scooters might be tricky.

Advantages: This is the closest drop-off point to the castle entrance, making it ideal for those with mobility limitations or those wanting the shortest walk.

Disadvantages: High Street is a busy area with limited parking space. Finding a spot can be challenging, especially during peak times. Traffic congestion is also a possibility.

Alternatives: If the High Street is full, consider the Charles Street Taxi Rank (a short walk away) or the River St Car Park (with a slightly longer walk).

2. Charles Street Taxi Rank (Convenient and Spacious)

Location: This designated drop-off zone is on Charles Street, a short walk from the castle’s Engine Court entrance.

Traffic Flow: Charles Street’s traffic flow is generally lighter than that of High Street.

Accessibility: Designated disabled parking bays are available nearby on Park Street. Sidewalks are present with good accessibility for those with mobility limitations.

Advantages: This designated drop-off zone offers more space than High Street, making it easier to find a spot to pull up momentarily.

Disadvantages: While convenient, there’s a short walk (approximately 5 minutes) from the Charles Street rank to the castle entrance.

Alternatives: If the Charles Street rank is full, the River St Car Park offers guaranteed parking a short walk away.

3. Castle Hill Drop-Off (Scenic Approach)

Castle Hill, Windsor, UK
Castle Hill Drop-Off Near Windsor Castle

Location: This drop-off point is located on Castle Hill, offering panoramic views of the castle.

Traffic Flow: Traffic on Castle Hill can be light, but some roads might have one-way restrictions. Be sure to check the signage before attempting a drop-off.

Accessibility: Sidewalks are present but might have some inclines. It’s important to consider the mobility limitations of your group when choosing this option.

Advantages: This drop-off point offers a picturesque approach to the castle with stunning views. It can be a memorable way to arrive, especially for first-time visitors.

Disadvantages: Limited space to pull up can make it tricky to find a spot. Additionally, some roads around Castle Hill might have one-way traffic restrictions, so check signage beforehand.

Alternatives: The River St Car Park offers a more accessible alternative with guaranteed parking and a designated accessible entrance to the castle.

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4. River St Car Park (Park and Short Walk)

River St Car Park, Windsor, UK
River St Car Park Near Windsor Castle

Location: This multi-storey car park is conveniently situated next to the River Thames, a short walk from the castle’s Engine Court entrance.

Traffic Flow: The car park has designated entry and exit lanes, minimizing congestion. However, depending on the time of day, there might be queues to enter or exit the car park.

Accessibility: The car park offers designated disabled parking spaces with lifts providing easy access to different levels. Additionally, there’s a designated accessible entrance to the castle from within the car park.

Advantages: This car park offers guaranteed parking and is a short walk (around 10 minutes) from the castle entrance.

Disadvantages: Parking fees apply, and there might be more convenient options for a quick drop-off if you’re not planning to park for an extended period.

Alternatives: For a quicker drop-off without parking, consider the Charles Street Taxi Rank or High Street (if space allows).

5. Peascod Street (Central Location with On-Street Parking)

Peascod Street, Windsor, UK
Peascod Street Near Windsor Castle

Location: This central street within Windsor offers on-street parking options throughout its length.

Traffic Flow: Traffic flow on Peascod Street can vary depending on the time of day. Finding a parking spot can be challenging, especially during weekends and peak tourist season.

Accessibility: Sidewalks on both sides of Peascod Street offer good accessibility. However, depending on where you find a parking spot, there could be inclines or uneven surfaces to navigate.

Advantages: Peascod Street is centrally located within Windsor, offering on-street parking options. This can be a good choice if you plan to explore the town before or after visiting the castle.

Disadvantages: Finding available on-street parking can be challenging, especially on busy days. Additionally, depending on where you find a spot, it could involve more walking to reach the castle entrance.

Alternatives: The River St Car Park offers a guaranteed parking option with designated accessible bays and a more direct route to the castle entrance. If on-street parking proves too difficult, consider the Charles Street Taxi Rank or explore alternative parking options further away from the town centre.

While Windsor Castle beckons with its history, a smooth drop-off sets the tone for your visit. Consider factors like accessibility needs, luggage situation, and desired arrival experience. Will proximity to the entrance outweigh the ease of finding a spot? Do you need on-street parking for further exploration, or prioritize guaranteed parking with a short walk? Thinking ahead on these aspects ensures a stress-free drop-off and maximizes your enjoyment of the castle.

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III. Considering Mobility Limitations

Where is Windsor Castle Car Parking | Windsor Travel Guide

Planning a visit to Windsor Castle with someone with mobility limitations requires careful consideration of the drop-off point. Here’s a breakdown of key factors to ensure a smooth arrival:

  • Drop-Off Points with Best Accessibility: The River St Car Park offers the most accessible option. It boasts designated disabled parking spaces, lifts for easy access between levels, and a direct connection to a designated accessible entrance point within the castle.
  • Accessibility Features at Other Points: Charles Street Taxi Rank has designated disabled parking bays nearby on Park Street. High Street and Peascod Street have sidewalks, but navigating with a wheelchair or mobility scooter might be challenging due to crowds and uneven surfaces. Castle Hill Drop-Off has inclines and uneven surfaces, making it less suitable for those with mobility limitations.
  • Distance to Accessible Entrance: The River St Car Park offers the closest connection to the castle’s accessible entrance. Other drop-off points might require navigating sidewalks for a short distance to reach accessible entry points.

Alternative Options for Wheelchair Assistance:  If you require wheelchair assistance beyond drop-off, it’s recommended to contact Windsor Castle Visitor Services in advance. They can provide details on accessible restrooms and elevators within the castle and even book a mobility scooter for your visit (subject to availability).

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IV. Drop-Off Points for Tour Buses and Large Groups

Best Drop-Off Point Near Windsor Castle
Best Drop-Off Point Near Windsor Castle

Large vehicles like tour buses have specific regulations and limitations within Windsor. Here’s what you need to know:

Designated Coach Parking: Unfortunately, no designated drop-off points near Windsor Castle can accommodate tour buses. Tour buses are prohibited from stopping or waiting on most roads near the castle due to traffic control measures.

Regulations and Restrictions:  Tour bus operators must know specific restrictions within Windsor. There are designated coach parking areas outside the town centre, with some offering shuttle services to the castle. Tour operators must contact Windsor and Maidenhead Council (https://www.rbwm.gov.uk/home/transport-and-streets/parking)  to discuss parking options and obtain necessary permits.

Alternative Drop-Off Locations:  While not ideal, some tour operators might drop off passengers at a designated car park further away, such as the King Edward Court Car Park or the Castle Hill Car Park. However, these options involve a longer walk for passengers to reach the castle entrance.

Pre-Booking Options:  Limited pre-booking options for tour bus parking might be available at some car parks on the outskirts of Windsor. Tour operators should contact the car park for pre-booking possibilities and associated fees.

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V. Luggage Considerations

Luggage can add another layer of complexity when choosing a drop-off point near Windsor Castle. Here’s how to ensure a smooth arrival:

  • Drop-Off Points with Easy Luggage Handling: The River St Car Park offers the most convenience for luggage handling. Parked directly next to the castle, it allows easy luggage transfer from the car to the entrance.
  • Limited Luggage Storage Options: Currently, there are no luggage lockers or left luggage facilities within the immediate vicinity of Windsor Castle. The castle itself offers a cloakroom service, but it’s primarily for coats and small bags.
  • Distance to Cloakroom: The cloakroom is located within the State Apartments, which might require additional walking from some drop-off points.

Tips for Minimizing Luggage Hassle: If travelling with large luggage, consider the River St Car Park for the closest drop-off point. Alternatively, pack light or plan to leave luggage at your accommodation if possible. If using the cloakroom, be aware of potential limitations on size and capacity.

VI. Conclusion to the 5 Best Drop-Off Points Near Windsor Castle

1. Recap of Best Drop-Off Options

The best drop-off point for you depends on your specific needs:

  • Closest Option: High Street (consider potential congestion)
  • Convenient with Space: Charles Street Taxi Rank (short walk)
  • Scenic Approach: Castle Hill Drop-Off (limited space, check traffic flow)
  • Guaranteed Parking: River St Car Park (short walk, accessible option)
  • Central Location: Peascod Street (on-street parking, potentially longer walk)

2. Final Considerations

  • Traffic Conditions: Traffic, especially during peak season, can impact any drop-off point. Consider the time of day for your visit.
  • Time of Day: Earlier arrivals often have better chances of finding a spot on the High Street or securing on-street parking.
  • Personal Preferences: Balance convenience with walking distance and accessibility needs.

3. Resources

With careful planning, you can choose the perfect drop-off point to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Windsor Castle.

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