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Windsor Castle, a historic royal residence, is one of the most popular attractions in the United Kingdom. Visitors seeking accommodation nearby have several excellent options. This article details nine of the best places to stay near Windsor Castle, each offering unique features and convenient access to the castle.

HotelDistance from Windsor CastleKey Feature
Fairmont Windsor Park3.3 milesLuxurious spa facilities
Castle Hotel Windsor0.2 milesHistoric charm
The Runnymede on Thames4.3 milesRiverside views
Grovefield House4.9 milesScenic grounds
Macdonald Windsor Hotel0.2 milesModern amenities
Sir Christopher Wren Hotel0.3 milesHistoric architecture
Stirrups Hotel5.5 milesFamily-friendly environment
Clarion Collection Harte & Garter0.2 milesExtensive spa facilities
Oakley Court3 milesVictorian mansion
9 Best Places to Stay Near Windsor Castle

Let’s explore the places in detail:

1. Fairmont Windsor Park

Details of Fairmont Windsor Park
Fairmont Windsor Park

Located approximately 3.3 miles from Windsor Castle, the Fairmont Windsor Park is a luxurious retreat set in a serene environment. This hotel offers a blend of modern sophistication and historical charm, making it an ideal choice for travellers.

Amenities and Features

  • Fitness Centre: Guests can enjoy a fully-equipped fitness centre.
  • Garden and Terrace: The hotel features beautifully landscaped gardens and a spacious terrace, perfect for relaxing.
  • Parking: Free private parking is available for all guests.
  • Dining Options: Several on-site restaurants provide a variety of culinary experiences.

Guest Experience

Visitors often praise Fairmont Windsor Park for its exceptional service and comfortable rooms. The hotel’s proximity to Windsor Castle makes it convenient for tourists. Reviews highlight the tranquil atmosphere and high-quality amenities.

2. Castle Hotel Windsor

Castle Hotel Windsor Details
Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel Windsor is situated just 0.2 miles from Windsor Castle, offering an unmatched location for visitors. This historic hotel combines elegance with modern comfort.

Amenities and Features

  • Historic Charm: The hotel retains many original features, providing a sense of history.
  • Dining: On-site dining options include a renowned restaurant offering British cuisine.
  • Meeting Facilities: Suitable for both business and leisure travellers, with well-equipped meeting rooms.

Guest Experience

Guests appreciate the hotel’s central location, making exploring Windsor Castle and the surrounding area easy. Reviews frequently mention the friendly staff and clean, comfortable rooms.

3. The Runnymede on Thames

The Runnymede on Thames Details
The Runnymede on Thames

Approximately 4.3 miles from Windsor Castle, The Runnymede on the Thames offers a relaxing riverside setting. This hotel is perfect for those looking to unwind in a picturesque environment.

Amenities and Features

  • Riverside Location: Stunning views of the River Thames.
  • Recreational Facilities: Includes a fitness centre, spa, and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Dining: Multiple dining options with riverside views.

Guest Experience

Visitors enjoy the serene location and excellent amenities. The hotel’s shuttle service to Windsor Castle is convenient for tourists. Reviews highlight the relaxing atmosphere and quality of service.

4. Grovefield House

Grovefield House Details
Grovefield House

Located 4.9 miles from Windsor Castle, Grovefield House is a charming hotel set in beautiful grounds. This hotel offers a peaceful retreat with easy access to the castle.

Amenities and Features

  • Scenic Grounds: The hotel is surrounded by well-maintained gardens.
  • Dining: An on-site restaurant serves delicious British cuisine.
  • Event Facilities: Suitable for weddings and corporate events.

Guest Experience

Guests appreciate the tranquil setting and attentive staff. The proximity to Windsor Castle makes it a popular choice for visitors. Reviews often mention the comfortable rooms and excellent dining options.

5. Macdonald Windsor Hotel

Macdonald Windsor Hotel Details
Macdonald Windsor Hotel

The Macdonald Windsor Hotel, located 0.2 miles from Windsor Castle, offers luxury accommodations with modern amenities. This hotel is ideal for those seeking comfort and convenience.

Amenities and Features

  • Modern Rooms: Stylishly decorated rooms with high-end amenities.
  • Dining: A restaurant offering a range of gourmet dishes.
  • Meeting Rooms: Well-equipped for business travellers.

Guest Experience

Visitors frequently praise the hotel’s central location and luxurious rooms. The proximity to Windsor Castle is a significant advantage. Reviews highlight the excellent service and comfortable accommodations.

6. Sir Christopher Wren Hotel

Sir Christopher Wren Hotel Details
Sir Christopher Wren Hotel

Situated close to the River Thames and Windsor Castle, the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel offers a blend of historic architecture and modern comfort.

Amenities and Features

  • Historic Building: The hotel is housed in a beautiful historic building.
  • Spa: A full-service spa for relaxation.
  • Dining: On-site dining options with river views.

Guest Experience

Guests appreciate the combination of historic charm and modern amenities. The hotel’s location near Windsor Castle and the River Thames is highly praised. Reviews often mention the excellent service and comfortable rooms.

7. Stirrups Hotel

Stirrups Hotel Details
Stirrups Hotel

Located about 5.5 miles from Windsor Castle, Stirrups Hotel is a family-run establishment on 10 acres of Berkshire countryside. It offers a peaceful and scenic environment.

Amenities and Features

  • Extensive Grounds: Beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces.
  • Family-Friendly: Ideal for families with children.
  • Dining: On-site restaurant with a varied menu.

Guest Experience

Visitors enjoy the tranquil setting and friendly atmosphere. The hotel’s proximity to Windsor Castle and other attractions is convenient. Reviews highlight the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms.

8. Clarion Collection Harte & Garter Hotel & Spa

Clarion Collection Harte Garter Details
Clarion Collection Harte Garter

Right on Windsor’s High Street, the Clarion Collection Harte & Garter Hotel & Spa offers views of Windsor Castle and a range of luxurious amenities.

Amenities and Features

  • Spa: Extensive spa facilities with various treatments.
  • Dining: On-site restaurant with a diverse menu.
  • Event Spaces: Suitable for weddings and business events.

Guest Experience

Guests often praise the hotel’s prime location and excellent spa facilities. The proximity to Windsor Castle is a major advantage. Reviews frequently mention the comfortable rooms and helpful staff.

9. Oakley Court

Oakley Court Details
Oakley Court

Oakley Court, a Victorian mansion near the River Thames, is about 3 miles from Windsor Castle. This hotel offers a range of activities and luxurious accommodations.

Amenities and Features

  • Victorian Architecture: Beautiful historic building with modern amenities.
  • Recreational Facilities: Includes tennis courts, croquet lawns, and a golf course.
  • Pet-Friendly: Pets are welcome in certain rooms.

Guest Experience

Visitors enjoy the scenic setting and variety of activities. The hotel’s historic charm and modern comforts are frequently praised. Reviews highlight the excellent service and comfortable accommodations.

Tips for Staying Near Windsor Castle

A. Book Early

Windsor is a popular destination, especially during peak tourist seasons. Book your hotel well in advance to ensure you get your preferred accommodation.

B. Check for Special Packages

Many hotels offer special packages that include tickets to Windsor Castle or other local attractions. These packages can provide added convenience and savings.

C. Consider Transportation

While many hotels are within walking distance of Windsor Castle, others might require transportation. Check if your hotel offers shuttle services or if public transport is easily accessible.

D. Look for Deals and Discounts

Sign up for newsletters from hotel booking sites or the hotels themselves. They often send out deals and discounts that can help you save money on your stay.

E. Explore the Local Area

Beyond Windsor Castle, the area has many other attractions, such as the River Thames, Windsor Great Park, and Legoland. Plan to explore these as well.

F. Check Hotel Amenities

Ensure the hotel you choose has the amenities you need, whether a fitness centre, spa, or family-friendly service. This will enhance your overall stay experience.

G. Read Reviews

Before booking, read reviews from previous guests. This can provide insights into the quality of service, cleanliness, and overall experience at the hotel.


What is the best time to visit Windsor Castle?

The best time to visit Windsor Castle is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November). The weather is generally pleasant, and the crowds are smaller than the peak summer months.

Are there any family-friendly hotels near Windsor Castle?

Yes, several family-friendly hotels are near Windsor Castle. Stirrups Hotel and Grovefield House are known for their family-friendly amenities and spacious grounds, making them ideal for visitors with children.

Do any hotels near Windsor Castle offer shuttle services?

Yes, some hotels, such as The Runnymede on Thames, offer shuttle services to Windsor Castle. You should check with the hotel directly to confirm availability and schedule.

Can I find budget-friendly accommodation near Windsor Castle?

While many hotels near Windsor Castle are luxurious, budget-friendly options are also available. The Holiday Inn Express and Premier Inn are known for offering comfortable stays at more affordable rates.

Considering these tips and frequently asked questions, you can enhance your stay near Windsor Castle, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


When visiting Windsor Castle, choosing the right accommodation can enhance the overall experience. These nine hotels offer a range of options, from luxurious retreats to family-friendly establishments. Each hotel provides convenient access to Windsor Castle and unique features to ensure a memorable stay. Whether seeking historic charm or modern comfort, travellers will find an ideal place to stay near Windsor Castle.

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