7 Best Places to View Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle, an iconic royal residence in the United Kingdom, attracts millions of visitors annually. Its grandeur and historical significance make it a must-see destination. Finding the best vantage point to appreciate its architectural splendour and scenic surroundings can enhance your visit. This article delves into the 7 optimal locations for viewing Windsor Castle, considering accessibility, photographic potential, and overall experience.

Here is an informational table on the 7 Best Places to View Windsor Castle:

LocationBest Viewing TimeAccessibilityKey FeaturesPhotographic Opportunities
The Long WalkSpring/AutumnEasily accessible from town centreStraight path framed by treesUnobstructed view, sense of scale
Windsor Great ParkSunrise/SunsetAccessible by car and busExpansive grounds, varied perspectivesPanoramic views, serene environment
The River ThamesMorning/Late AfternoonAccessible from Windsor town centreUnique water perspectiveDifferent angle, historical context
Alexandra GardensThroughout the yearNear town centreBeautifully landscaped parkCastle backdrop, vibrant gardens
Windsor and Eton Riverside StationEarly Morning/Late AfternoonMajor railway stationVictorian architecture, close proximityArchitectural contrasts
Datchet VillageAll seasonsTrain and bus from WindsorRural charm, village greenOpen fields, rustic views
St. Leonard’s HillSunsetBest accessed by carElevated viewpoint, panoramic viewsEntirety of the castle, striking sunset

Let’s deeply explore the places:

1. The Long Walk

The Long Walk
The Long Walk


The Long Walk, a tree-lined avenue stretching three miles from Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse statue, is perhaps the most renowned viewpoint. It provides a direct and unobstructed view of the castle, framed by an impressive canopy of trees.

Photographic Opportunities

This location is perfect for capturing the castle’s grandeur. The long, straight path offers a sense of scale and perspective, making it ideal for photography. Early morning or late afternoon light enhances the scene, casting dramatic shadows and highlighting architectural details.


The Long Walk is easily accessible from Windsor Town. A short walk from the town centre or a brief bus ride brings you to the start of the avenue. The path is well-maintained, making it suitable for all ages and abilities.

2. Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park
Windsor Great Park


Windsor Great Park, adjacent to Windsor Castle, offers numerous vantage points. The park’s expansive grounds provide varied perspectives, each with a unique charm.

The Copper Horse

The statue of King George III, known as the Copper Horse, sits at the end of the Long Walk. This spot offers panoramic views of Windsor Castle in the distance. The elevated position provides a different perspective compared to closer views.

Virginia Water Lake

Virginia Water Lake, located within Windsor Great Park, provides a picturesque setting, with the castle visible on clear days. The tranquil water and surrounding woodland create a serene environment, perfect for a leisurely stroll.


Windsor Great Park is accessible by car, with several parking areas available. Public transport options include buses from Windsor town centre. The park’s paths are well-marked and maintained, suitable for walkers of all levels.

3. The River Thames

The River Thames
The River Thames


The River Thames, flowing through Windsor, offers a unique perspective of the castle. Viewing the castle from the water provides a different angle and a sense of its relationship with its surroundings.

Boat Tours

Several companies operate boat tours on the Thames, offering guided trips with views of Windsor Castle. These tours provide historical context and interesting anecdotes, enhancing the viewing experience.

Riverside Walks

Walking along the Thames Path offers numerous opportunities to view Windsor Castle. The path is well-maintained and offers a peaceful environment, with the castle often visible through the trees.


The Thames Path is accessible from several points in Windsor. Boat tours depart from docks in the town centre, making them convenient for visitors.

4. Alexandra Gardens

Alexandra Gardens
Alexandra Gardens


Alexandra Gardens, a beautifully landscaped park in Windsor, offers a relaxed setting for viewing the castle. The gardens are well-maintained and provide a peaceful retreat from the bustling town centre.

Photographic Opportunities

The open spaces and carefully curated flower beds create excellent photographic opportunities. The castle serves as a stunning backdrop to the gardens’ vibrant colours.


Alexandra Gardens is located near Windsor town centre, making it easily accessible on foot. The paths are suitable for all visitors, including those with mobility issues.

5. Windsor and Eton Riverside Station

Windsor and Eton Riverside Station
Windsor and Eton Riverside Station


Windsor and Eton Riverside Station is not just a transportation hub but also a surprising viewpoint for Windsor Castle. The station’s architecture and proximity to the castle provide a unique viewing experience.

Photographic Opportunities

The station’s Victorian architecture and the castle’s medieval grandeur offer compelling photographic contrasts. This location is particularly appealing for those interested in architectural photography.


As a major railway station, Windsor and Eton Riverside is highly accessible. Regular trains connect the station to London and other nearby locations, making it convenient for day-trippers.

6. Datchet Village

Datchet Village
Datchet Village


Datchet Village, located a short distance from Windsor, offers a more rural viewpoint. The village green and surrounding countryside provide a tranquil setting for viewing the castle.

Photographic Opportunities

The open fields and rustic charm of Datchet Village offer unique photographic opportunities. The castle appears more distant, providing a broader context and highlighting its dominance over the landscape.


Datchet is accessible by train from Windsor and Eton Riverside Station. Regular bus services also connect the village to Windsor, making it easy to visit.

7. St. Leonard’s Hill

St. Leonard's Hill
St. Leonard’s Hill


St. Leonard’s Hill, located south of Windsor, offers an elevated viewpoint. The hill provides a panoramic view of the castle and the surrounding area.

Photographic Opportunities

The elevation offers a different perspective, capturing the castle and the town of Windsor. This vantage point is especially striking at sunset.


St. Leonard’s Hill is best accessed by car. Limited public transport options are available, so planning ahead is advisable. The walk to the viewpoint is moderately challenging and suitable for those with a reasonable fitness level.


For the best viewing experience of Windsor Castle, consider visiting various vantage points. The Long Walk offers a majestic, tree-lined approach. At the same time, Windsor Great Park provides serene, panoramic views from spots like the Copper Horse and Virginia Water Lake. A boat ride on the River Thames reveals a picturesque angle. Alexandra Gardens presents a tranquil setting with vibrant floral backdrops. Windsor and Eton Riverside Station juxtaposes Victorian architecture with the castle’s medieval grandeur. For a rural perspective, Datchet Village showcases the castle across lush fields, and St. Leonard’s Hill offers an elevated, sweeping panorama.

Additionally, Windsor Bridge, connecting Windsor and Eton, is an excellent spot for capturing the castle’s reflection on the river, particularly stunning at sunrise and sunset. Exploring these diverse locations ensures a comprehensive and enriching experience of Windsor Castle’s magnificence.

Choosing the best place to view Windsor Castle depends on personal preferences and the type of experience you seek. From the tranquillity of Alexandra Gardens to the rural charm of Datchet Village, there is a viewpoint to suit every visitor. Plan your visit carefully to ensure a memorable and enriching experience.


What is the best time of year to walk the Long Walk for the best views of Windsor Castle?

The best time to walk the Long Walk is in the spring or autumn when the foliage is either in full bloom or changing colours, enhancing the beauty of the path and the view of Windsor Castle.

Are any specific spots within Windsor Great Park particularly recommended for viewing Windsor Castle?

Yes, the top of Snow Hill in Windsor Great Park is highly recommended as it offers an elevated and expansive view of Windsor Castle, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Can you rent a private boat on the River Thames for a more personalized viewing experience of Windsor Castle?

Several companies offer private boat rentals on the River Thames, allowing for a personalized and leisurely viewing experience of Windsor Castle from the water.

Are there any events or festivals in Alexandra Gardens that coincide with viewing Windsor Castle?

Alexandra Gardens hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Windsor Festival and summer concerts, which can enhance your viewing experience of Windsor Castle.

Is there a specific platform or area within Windsor and Eton Riverside Station that offers the best view of Windsor Castle?

Platform 2 at Windsor and Eton Riverside Station provides one of the best views of Windsor Castle, especially during the early morning or late afternoon when the light is optimal.

Are there any guided tours from Datchet Village that focus on viewing and learning about Windsor Castle?

Several guided walking tours start from Datchet Village and provide historical insights and the best viewpoints of Windsor Castle, often including stops at local landmarks.

Are there any facilities or amenities at St. Leonard’s Hill to enhance the viewing experience of Windsor Castle?

While St. Leonard’s Hill is more of a natural viewpoint with limited facilities, benches and informational plaques enhance the viewing experience by providing historical context and rest spots.

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